MPS Building Fund

RM10K A Pharmacist

Greetings from Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society!

The MPS Building is progressing well in its construction process. We have successfully paid the down payment of RM 929,450/- thanks to you and many others. It is anticipated that the building will be completed by end of this year with the CF issued by mid-2011.

In order to reduce paying a hefty interest to the lending bank we are seeking generous pharmacists who are the “movers and shakers” of the industry to give the Society an interest-free loan for a period of ten years. We hope that a sum of RM 10,000/- or above can be lent to the Society and we hope to make the repayment if funds are available even before that period.

Please consider our humble request and reply with the attached pledge form. We look forward to hear from you and together make the MPS Building a fully-paid for building. All contributions will be recognized in the Building Premise.

RM10k a Pharmacist May2010.pdf
Building Loan Reply Form.pdf