Meeting of the Pharmacy Board of Australia – 25 November 2011

The Pharmacy Board of Australia met on 25 November 2011 in Fremantle, Western Australia.

Meeting in Western Australia

The Board conducted its November meeting in Western Australia. The two day visit also provided an opportunity to meet with local pharmacists and stakeholders to discuss issues affecting pharmacy practice and progress of the national registration and accreditation scheme. The Board also took the opportunity to visit a medication packaging facility which uses automated technology to prepare dose administration aids (DAAs). Members also visited a pharmacy which supplies the DAAs to patients.


Compounding Working Party


The Pharmacy Board of Australia has established a Compounding Working Party to advise it on compounding issues and to develop policy, codes and guidelines on compounding, including more complex compounding than the extemporaneous preparations contained in the Australian Pharmaceutical Formulary.


The Working Party met in October and reported to the Board at its November meeting.


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Australian Pharmacist Newsletter – Vol.30, No. 12, December 2011