Marketing For Pharmacist, Not Pharmacies

Marketing For Pharmacist, Not Pharmacies

      The dynamics of the mix between pharmacies and pharmacists are set to take on a new importance in the profession as it moves towards the future, so much so that PAC11 has a special session devoted to the subject. 

     Presented by Phill Woods of Griffith University, Queensland, the session will examine the opportunities and challenges of first differentiating the pharmacist from the pharmacy, and then pharmacists in the eyes of the audience they serve.


     “For decades we have seen the dynamics of what „pharmacies‟ think they have to offer and „pharmacists‟ have been engrossed (some would say lost!) in that mix,” he says. “In the emerging era, pharmacists are wanting to stand up and be recognised as relevant and valuable professionals in their own right. But success in doing so will be determined, not by pharmacists‟ opinion of themselves, but by the judgement of the audience to whom pharmacists claim to be relevant.

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