Japan Quake – Message from WPPF

Title: Japan Quake – Message from WPPF
Date: 2011/03/24

3/11 Japan Quake & Tsunami — Message from WPPF


Dear Takashi (President, Japan Pharmaceutical Association)


It is with great regret that the Western Pacific Pharmaceutical Forum of FIP sees the devastation brought to Japan by the earthquake and tsunami.


The Forum expresses, through you, to all Japanese pharmacists its condolences for loss of life and damage to their homes and premises caused by this disaster.


If the Forum can be of assistance in any way, we would do our best to help them overcome this tragedy.


Please accept our concerns and best wishes for an early recovery and let us know of any areas that we may be able to help.


Yours sincerely

John Ware OAM

President, WPPF

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