Important Press Release From FIP and WPPF-President John Ware1


Important Press Release From FIP and WPPF-President John Ware


At the FIP Council meeting in Hyderabad, India, the representatives of the Canadian Pharmaceutical Association raised concerns regarding shortages of essential medicines in their country and the United States. 

Following discussion that there were shortages of many essential medicines occurring regularly on a global scale and produced the following explanatory press release. 

The meeting of the Council representing all FIP’s 130 member organisations from around the world and representing more than 3 million pharmacists discussed the issue of medicine shortages. 

WPPF President, John Ware, asks all member organisations and individuals that the following facts be brought to the attention of all stakeholders.  The press release is as follows –

The Council unanimously concluded that medicines are not simple items of commerce; they are an essential component of patient care. Many countries are experiencing shortages of critical prescription medicines. This has given rise to disruption of treatments in conditions including, but not limited to, epilepsy, diabetes, asthma, infectious diseases and cancer, resulting in patients receiving less effective care or sometimes none at all.

Causes of these shortages are wide and varied, such as manufacturing problems, shortages of raw materials, evolving regulatory practices, and changing market incentives.

The Council of the International Pharmaceutical Federation calls on all stakeholders, including governments, pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmacy wholesalers, pharmaceutical purchasing agencies, medicine insurance plans, pharmaceutical regulators and the pharmacy profession to urgently evaluate these issues and work to ensure continuity of medication supply so that the appropriate treatment of patients can be initiated and maintained.

For further information on this and other issues brought to attention at the FIP Congress in Hyderabad please contact the Press office at [email protected].