14 Aug, 2014

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Dear Members,

Just when the last ketupat is about to be consumed, the Council of the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society is inviting members to the Open House held on Saturday 16/8/14 at the Wisma MPS. The intentions are to provide an avenue for networking and spreading the message of goodwill among members. So for those who could spare the time, we would love to see you from 12.30 pm to 2 pm at the Wisma MPS to share some precious moments with us.

A historical event was held on 14/8/14 night when the President and 5 exco members of Malaysian Medical Association joined the Council Members of Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society and Malaysian Community Pharmacy Guild for a dinner to interact and network. The cordial function was held in a spirit of mutual respect and goodwill. Much ground was covered in discussing the dynamics of dispensing separation. All present were willing to share ideas and collaborate on a win/win basis. The meeting laid a strong foundation stone for future discussion and cooperation in the interest of the Rakyat.

World Pharmacist Day is a Day dedicated to highlight the contribution of pharmacists to World Health. We have made a strong presence in every arena and deserve to celebrate that success. This year Malaysia’s World Pharmacists Day will be organized by the Pharmaceutical Services Division, Ministry of Health and supported by the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society during November 2014.

Meanwhile, preparations for 25th FAPA Congress 2014 are “gearing up”. Entries for the poster exhibition are being received. There will be is a special ribbon-cutting ceremony to declare the Poster Exhibition opened. YB Dato’ Seri S Subramaniam, the Minister of Health and YB Datuk Seri Dr Ewon Ebin, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation have been invited to grace the Ceremony. Afterwards there shall be a Press Lunch for the media representatives. We are proud that many quality posters are being submitted which reflect the high standards of Research and Development by pharmacists.

The plenary session will begin with a “heavy-weight” speaker in the person of Mr Ash Soni, OBE who is the newly elected President of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. His presentation will no doubt start off the 25th FAPA Congress 2014 “with a bang”. Many notable speakers will present high-quality papers at the Congress. The CPD points at the Congress shall be 20.

Moreover, the social events are specially prepared to ensure that every delegate has a chance to meet new friends and renew old acquaintances. Kota Kinabalu is ranked 6th as the most preferred destination by Trip Advisor and has one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

Special field trips are being arranged for Sunday 12th October 2014 and a Mountain climb to conquer the highest mountain in South East Asia and to admire the flora and fauna of Malaysia will also commence on 13/10/14. Every morning during the Congress, a Tai-chi master will conduct exercise sessions for delegates. Hence, please bring your exercise gear to keep fit.

While writing this message, I am being filled with excitement and anticipation with what is in store for delegates. So hurry, register online, send in your abstracts and posters and we await to help you gain an experience of a life time.

See you at 25th FAPA Congress 2014.

With Warm Regards,

Yours in MPS
(Datuk Nancy Ho)


Due to popular request the Abstract Submission is extended to 25th August 2014.

Please hurry to submit your abstracts before the closing date.

Please note also that abstracts will only be accepted for presentation and publication in the Abstract Book if the presenting author has registered and paid by 15th Sep 2014. Abstracts presenters who haven’t registered and paid the fee by this date will be disqualified; these abstracts cannot be presented and will not be published


In order to encourage pharmacy students to participate, the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society Council has decided to offer each Pharmacy Educational Institutions 5 scholarships for final year and post-graduate students at RM300.00 each for the registration fees to be rebated at the end of the Congress.

The Pharmacy Educational Institutions are to submit a maximum 5 names enbloc from each Pharmacy Educational Institutions. Only those recommended by the Institution will be considered. Please register and pay first before rebate which will be reimburse when the student present themselves at the Congress. Some Universities like Josai International University in Japan is requesting a special session for student pharmacists to interact. Hence, we would encourage Heads of Schools of Pharmacy to submit 5 names as soon as possible to expose student pharmacists to the International and National Pharmaceutical scene


In the earlier iBulletin article about Survey on Smoking Cessation Services the updated link to the survey is:


This survey is being conducted to identify the perceptions on barriers encountered by pharmacists in Klang Valley in providing smoking cessation services. It is part of the research being conducted by a third year Bachelor of Pharmacy student of the Faculty of Pharmacy in Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS) and supervised by Madam Shairyzah Ahmad Hisham and co-supervised by Mr. Masro Mohamad. Your participation in this research will help as a guide for possible interventions to improve smoking cessation services and increase the cessation rate. The questionnaire will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. All data collected in this study will be treated with utmost confidentiality. Agreeing to participate in this study is taken as your consent. To participate please fill out the form Perception on Barriers in Conducting Smoking Cessation Counselling Among Practising Pharmacists in Klang Valley given above.


The following article was received from a community pharmacist:-

With reference to your article on Migraine in the Pharmacy Today April 2014 issue, there is nothing new to give relief and cure to the sufferers of this migraine beast.

The aetiology and relief for migraine pain has already been known since 1986. Why medical science has not adopted this breakthrough discovery. I fail to understand I have personally adopted this discovery to bring relief to my clients for the last 15 years.

This breakthrough discovery was the work of a bio-chemist Professor Rodolfo Low while as an advisor for the Ford Foundation in 1961 with most of the work done at Pontifical Catholic University at Bogota. His work was strongly endorsed by Norman Canfield MD of Yale School of Medicine, Larry A. Pearce MD – Wake Forest University and Fredric W Pullen MD – President of Hearing Education and Research Foundation Miami.

In this study, a person suffering from migraine has an unusually sensitive pancreas which overreactsto even small quantities of glucose. It overreacts to glucose with the secretion of insulin too large to maintain an equilibrium in the body and the person suffers symptoms of hypoglycemia.

In order to maintain equilibrium in the body, adrenaline and other catecholamines are then secreted in an attempt to rectify this hypoglycemia by conversion of glycogen into glucose. Adrenaline is a powerful vasoconstrictor. This is the key to unraveling the mystery of migraine.
At the same time that excessive adrenaline attempts to balance the body’s metabolism,, other effects also are magnified. This brings about visual disturbance just prior to the onset of pain.
The body has a strong need to maintain its state of equilibrium. After a period of time, this vasoconstriction is followed by its opposite i.e. a vasodilation of blood vessels in the head which is brought about by Prostaglandins. The pain of migraine begins when the blood vessels in the head expand.

In short, the intake of refined sugar can lead to the pain of migraine. All pains due to clinical conditions such as cancer and injuries are not included as they need only strong pain killers.

This is essentially preventive measure that works permanently through nutrition. To apply this one needs to :-

  1. Avoid all refined sugar in all foods and drinks
  2. Avoid hunger ? eat food at 3 hour interval ? non-sugar foods
  3. No alcohol as it causes hypoglycemia.

Drinks made from vegetables like celery, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber and juicy fruits eg. apples, oranges, papayas, guavas are preferred. Natural fruits are alright as they contain natural sugar (fructose), which are not refined sugar. However do not drink it in excess.

Avoid all aerated drinks, sweet cakes, ice-creams and cookies. However, biscuits like cream crackers without sugar are allowed.

Therefore, one needs to change his/her lifestyle for a healthy life free from migraine and without drugs.

Reference “Victory over Migraine” – Professor Rodolfo Low

Bernard Woo
(contact available on request)


Malaysian Academy of Pharmacy shall be organising seminar on Impact of Pharmacy on Healthcare

Date : 23rd August 2014 (Saturday)
Time : 11.30 pm – 5.30 pm
Venue : MPS Building, Puchong

Features of this seminar would be a lecture by Prof Brian Furman from University of Strathclyde, Glasgow who will be speaking on Impact of Pharmacy on Healthcare in the 21st Century ? A UK Perspective; Implications for Pharmacy Education.

Next, would be a lecture by Mr Amrahi Buang from University Malaya Medical Centre on Update on Dispensing Separation.

There also will be an Update GST on Medicines.

For registration, please fax registration form to: 03-8070033 or email: [email protected]

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Malaysian Academy of Pharmacy shall be organising seminar on Updates on Neuropscycho-Pharmacology of Nicotine Addiction, Pharmacotherapy and Behavioural Interventions for Smoking Cessation.

Date : 26th September 2014 (Friday)
Time : 8.30 am – 1.00 pm
Venue : MPS Building, Puchong

Features of this seminar would be a lecture by Dr Renee Bittoun from University of Sydney who will be speaking on Updates on Neuropscycho-Pharmacology of Nicotine Addiction, Pharmacotherapy and Behavioural Interventions for Smoking Cessation.

For registration, please fax registration form to: 03-8070033 or email: [email protected]

>>> http://www.mps.org.my/newsmaster.cfm?&menuid=37&action=view&retrieveid=3928


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