iBulletin 140327

27 March, 2014

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Dear Members,

The month of March has proven to be a busy one for the FAPA Organizing Committee Members.

From 7-10th March 2014, the FAPA Bureau Members came for a site visit to Kota Kinabalu which was featured in the last i-Bulletin.

On 12th March 2014, Mr Lam Kai Kun the Executive Director and I were invited to “The Great Kesatria Gala Evening” by the Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MYCEB) under the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia. There we met with the Minister YB Dato’ Seri Mohamed Nazri Bin Abdul Aziz who agreed to come to the Opening Ceremony of 25th FAPA Congress 2014.

On 21st March 2014, Mr Lam Kai Kun, Mr Andrew Tan and I landed in Singapore to meet with Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore President and Committee Members. A dialogue was held and we agreed on more collaboration between the two Organizations which had its roots in being one and the same Organization in the beginning.

On 25th March 2014, the FAPA Organizing Committee Members went on the visitation spree to call on upon the Kota Kinabalu City Mayor YBhg Datuk Abidin Madingkir and congratulated him in making Kota Kinabalu rank sixth among top ten Asian Cities according to the latest TripAdvisor 2013 Traveller’s Choice Award for Destinations on the rise. A courtesy call was also paid on the Chief Minister of Sabah YAB Datuk Seri Musa Hj Aman inviting him to be our Guest-of-Honor for the FAPA “Golden and Silver” Gala Banquet on 11th October 2014. A Courtesy Call was also made on the Vice Chancellor of University Malaysia Sabah YBhg Prof Datuk Dr Mohd Harun Abdullah and Vice President of Sabah Economic Development and Investment Agency (SEDIA) Puan Mary Sintoh. All these visits helped to increase the profile of 25th FAPA Congress 2014 and support for the Congress.

More “visits” are in the pipeline and the number of registrations for the Congress is increasing by the day. Hence, please decide early and book hotel accommodation to avoid disappointment. Come to 25th FAPA Congress 2014 to relearn, relax, recharge and rejuvenate.

Thank you and we look forward to welcome you.

Yours in MPS

Datuk Nancy Ho

Kota Kinabalu City Mayor – YBhg Datuk Abidin Madingkir

Chief Minister of Sabah – YAB Datuk Seri Musa Hj Aman

Vice Chancellor of University Malaysia Sabah – YBhg Prof Datuk Dr Mohd Harun Abdullah

Vice President of Sabah Economic Development and Investment Agency (SEDIA) – Puan Mary Sintoh



The Notice for the AGM had been sent out on 1st March 2014 and at the same time this notice was posted onto the MPS website.

This is an election year and 14 seats are up for nominations. The call for nomination was also sent out at the same time.

All candidates must be member of MPS of at least 2 years in accordance to the constitution and list of the members can be view online

You may also download all the AGM circulars and nomination forms from the MPS website, including the nomination form.  The dateline is fast approaching – 2nd April which is only 6 days to go.


This year’s MPS Annual Seminar is specially design to cater for all pharmacists irrespective of the area of practice. On day 1, the theme Medication Safety – The Pharmacist Concern cuts across all sectors whether you are in public or private practice, in the industry or in manufacturing.  International and local speakers who have hands on experience both internationally as well as locally have been invited to share their knowledge, being from the US, Saudi Arabia and from Penang (USM), including our own hospital pharmacist who has the in depth local knowledge that is so important to ensure medication safety in our own hospitals

On day 2, the pharmacy profession in Malaysia will be in focus and it is plan to present the strategies as mapped out during the recent MPS Strategic Meeting.  Included in the program will be issues related to the New Pharmacy Act, Compulsory CPD and also a proposal for a special section for House Pharmacists.

Information on registration for the seminar can be found at the MPS website.


The University of Minnesota called for the development of leadership skill of pharmacist and advance the practice of pharmacy

Imagine a third year pharmacy student giving flu shots?  There is a need for pharmacists with skills beyond filling prescriptions. It is believed that extending the scope of what pharmacists are allowed to do will take pressure off doctors. However existing Practice Laws don’t leave a lot of room for innovation in care, and these restrictions are proposed to be removed to allow consumers to take full advantage of the skills of pharmacists.

The need for Medication Therapy Management demand for healthcare professionals to help patients manage their care. While physicians play vital roles in treatment and prescribing, other professionals like pharmacists play a highly collaborative role.

Pharmacists can make further explanations to the patients on their diagnosed disease follow up on their medications as to whether the patient is following the regimen, search for reasons for noncompliance, resolve issues that lead to it, discuss potential changes in dose or schedules and with the patient’s doctors help the patient manage the new routine to improve outcomes.

>> Click here to read more – PDF, 88 KB


To promote FAPA Congress 2014, a visit was made to meet up with the main officials of the Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore recently.

This meeting was held on 21st March at the PSS Secretariat which is located at the Alumni Medical Centre in Singapore. Present at the meeting was the PSS President Ms MikoThum, Mr Lim Mun Moon and Mr Ng Cheng Tian. From MPS leading the team was YBhg Datuk Nancy Ho, with Mr Andrew Tan and Mr KKLam

The meeting venue, Alumni Medical Centre is not really a centre for treatment, but a colonial building that housed the various healthcare provider associations’ secretariats, namely the medical association, the dental association and the pharmaceutical associations.

The PSS and MPS had a common history going back to the 1900’s.  The predecessors of these 2 associations are the Straits Pharmaceutical Society which has eventually had 2 branches – the Southern Division (now PSS) and the Northern Division (eventually MPS) In between there were some other changes.

The main points of discussion in the meeting with PSS were:

    Encourage the PSS representative at FAPA to go for election for the Sections, particularly the Hospital & Clinical Section at the coming FAPA Congress
    Propose to provide special material for each country for their uniform to have an identity
    To promote the PSS Pharmacy Congress 18-19 October 2014 at the FAPA Congress while the PSS will promote the FAPA Congress at their Congress website.
    To work out a package for participants to come to FAPA Congress, then go for a tour, and then stop at Singapore for their Congress
    Invited PSS to attend the MPS seminar and annual dinner
    FAPA Congress 2008 was held in Singapore with about 1,600 participants
    PSS also can organise a travel grant on their website to promote participation for the coming Congress


    Retail Pharmacist/ Melaka/ City Medic Pharmacy SdnBhd/ 06-335 5535/ [email protected], [email protected]
    Retail Pharmacist/ MEDISPEC (M) SDN BHD/ 03-78049054/ [email protected]
    Masters/PhD candidate wanted/ Dr Pauline Lai: [email protected]
    Retail Pharmacist/ Klang Valley/ Constant Pharmacy/ MrLoh – [email protected]
    Pharmacist/ Pulau Pinang/ Penang Adventist Hospital/ [email protected]
    Full Time/ Locum Retail Pharmacist/ Kuala Lumpur/ FarmasiGoodmedic/ Mr. Siah: 03-91333395, 012-3388152
    Retail Pharmacist/ Klang, Selangor/ FarmasiTasriff/ Human Resource Department: 03-33251363 / [email protected]
    Retail Pharmacist/ Penang/ Siang Pharmacy SdnBhd/ Ms.Yeoh: 017-4498410 or email to [email protected]
    Retail Pharmacist/ Taiping, Perak/ ICare Pharmacy/ Mr. Chuah 018-4014426

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