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Aug , 13 2013

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Dear Members,

A meeting was recently held on 23-7-13 at the Pharmaceutical Services Division, chaired by YBhg Dato’ Eisah to discuss “Good Governance for Medicine – GGM”.

It was highlighted that good governance for medicines is important. According to the 2010 World Health report, global health expenditure has reached US$4.1 trillion per year. Expenditure on pharmaceuticals accounts for some US$880 billion of this total.

According to the Ministry of Health figures, Malaysia is expected to spend RM17 billion on health in 2013 of which RM2.1 billion is for pharmaceuticals without taking into consideration private spending.

The GGM programme was launched in 2004 with the goal of contributing to health systems strengthening and preventing corruption by promoting good governance in the pharmaceutical sector. In Malaysia, the National GGM Program has been well developed with GGM guidelines and Training of the Trainees Module.

Two documents have been published by the Division namely :-

  1. Guidelines on Giving and Receiving gifts for Civil servants under the Pharmacy Program, Ministry of Health Malaysia.
  2. Guidelines for Pharmacy Members in dealing with Pharmaceutical Company Representatives and Suppliers.

The GGM Program of Malaysia is currently in Phase III: Implementation of National GGM Program  5 workshops were conducted in 2012 to develop the GGM Trainer of Trainees (TOT) Module.

The Pharmaceutical Services Division has worked hard to put in the roadmap for GGM and pharmacist professionals throughout the Country are urged to uphold the Principles of Good Governance of Medicines in their practice.

Let us continue to implement best  practices in Pharmacy and keep our banner flying high.

Yours in MPS

Datuk Nancy Ho

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