Hospital Pharmacy

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Hospital Pharmacy

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[Abstract] Topic 1 – Statement 57: The medicines administration process should be designed such that steps between the original prescription and the medicines administration record are eliminated.
[Question] a) Do you transcribe in your hospital?
b) Electronic prescribing has been shown to decrease errors in the US but increase them in the UK. What are your thoughts on this?

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[Abstract] Topic 1 – Statement 49: Pharmacists should ensure that strategies and policies are implemented to prevent wrong route errors, including for example, labeling of intravenous tubing near insertion site to prevent misconnections, and use of enteral feeding catheters that cannot be connected with intravenous or other parental lines. This statement had seven countries disagree with this.
[Question] a) What do you think?
b) Do you have policies in your country?
c) Is it the responsibility of pharmacists?

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[Abstract] Topic 1 – Statement 5: Health authorities should ensure that each hospital pharmacy is supervised by pharmacists who have completed specialized training in hospital pharmacy.
[Question] a) Tell us what sort of training your hospital pharmacy staff undergoes?
b) Do you have pharmacists in all your hospitals?
c) Do they have extra qualifications?
d) Why do you think hospital pharmacists need “special training”?