Guild welcomes Medicines Australia …

Guild welcomes Medicines Australia appointment

(News from the Pharmacy Guild of Australia)

Guild welcomes Medicines Australia appointment

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia welcomes the appointment of Dr Brendan Shaw as the new Chief Executive of Medicines Australia.

Dr Shaw has extensive experience in and knowledge of the industry, and is well placed to steer Medicines Australia forward.

As Dr Shaw knows only too well, this is a very challenging time for the pharmaceutical industry, given the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis, the Federal Government’s budgetary position, and the importance of maintaining a sustainable Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

The National President of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Kos Sclavos, said: “The Guild looks forward to continuing to work closely with Dr Shaw in dealing with the issues as they arise, and working co-operatively to ensure outcomes which are in the best interests of the Australian public and our world’s best practice health system. We have appreciated his open approach in the past.

“We congratulate Dr Shaw, and commend the Board of Medicines Australia for their choice of a highly qualified and experienced health economist to this crucial leadership role.”

For further information: Greg Turnbull 0412 910261.