Guild congratulates Dr Lance Emerson

07 May, 2014


The Pharmacy Guild of Australia congratulates Dr Lance Emerson on his appointment as
Chief Executive Officer of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia.

Dr Emerson has been a committed contributor to the health sector for many years and has a
wealth of knowledge about the pharmacy sector. His experience with the profession and the
industry, including through a significant former role with the Pharmacy Guild, will stand him in
good stead in his challenging new position.

The Executive Director of the Guild, David Quilty, said: “Dr Emerson takes on this important
role at a challenging time for the profession. My colleagues and I at the Guild are committed to
working closely and constructively with Dr Emerson and his team at the PSA, including in relation
to the Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement which is so vital to the future of the community
pharmacy sector.”

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