Four Corners Report Highlights Benefits of Real Time Recording

Four Corners Report Highlights Benefits of Real Time Recording

The case for the electronic real time recording of the dispensing of controlled drugs has been boosted by Last night’s extensive report on the ABC Four Corners program.

The program “Oxy: The Hidden Epidemic” highlighted the extent of the misuse of legally prescribed opioid-based medicines. The National President of the Pharmacy Guild, Kos Sclavos, appeared in the report, explaining the opportunity to utilise real time tracking of the dispensing of these powerful medicines, such as oxycodone.

The Fifth Community Pharmacy Agreement, which commenced in July this year, includes Government funding for the development of a more efficient, electronically-based system to collect and report data relating to controlled drugs, to minimise the problems of forgery, abuse, and doctor shopping.

The Guild has already developed technology, called Project STOP, for real time monitoring of pseudoephedrine sales. This technology has been extremely useful in the monitoring of sales of pseudoephedrine, and in the prevention of its illegal diversion.

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