Forum of “Appointment with President Ma Ying-jeou for Medical System”

Forum of “Appointment with President Ma Ying-jeou for Medical System”
-President Ma Ying-jeou Committed to Increase the Release of Refilled Prescriptions

Translator:Katrina Chou Hsing-Choung

Source: 2nd Jan.,-8th Jan.,Vol.1753, the pharmacist’s weekly

Original  Link:Forum of “Appointment with President Ma Ying-jeou for Medical System”

Chairman of Taiwan Pharmacists Association, Lee Shu-ping, led cadres to attend the forum of “Appointment with President Ma Ying-jeou for medical system” on December 22, 2011. Li Shu Ping declared the release ratio of refilled prescriptions to community pharmacies was too low. It attacked the separation of prescribing and dispensing seriously. He demanded the public hospitals to release refilled prescriptions. President Ma Ying-jeou promised to increase the release of refilled prescriptions to allow pharmacists giving care to the elderly. 

Li Shu-ping pointed out that under the trend in the aging society, hospitals should increase the release of refilled prescriptions for community pharmacists taking care of the elderly easily. It also eliminates the inconvenience of transportation to hospitals. 

President Ma Ying-jeou recalled that pharmacists and Taipei City Hospital organized “Working Group of Refilled Precription”when he was Mayor of Taipei City. He directed to increase the release of refilled prescription. Here after, Not only the hospitals of Department of Health but also all public hospitals should follow accordingly.