FIP Newsletter 5 March,2012


The FIP Centennial – Schedule of Events



FIP HQ would like to remind Member Organisations that this year’s Centennial Congress will be packed full of events, all set to steer the future of pharmacy and healthcare on a global level.  See the “Schedule at a Glance” below and the website here for more information.

Please note that FIP will send you soon a programme supplement specifically developed for FIP member organisations. In this document, all the events organized for our member organizations (like Roundtables, Council, receptions, special workshops…) will be detailed.

Tuesday 2 October

Three Stakeholder Roundtables will convene on:

  • The Right Medicine to the Right Patient (morning)
  • Adherence (afternoon)
  • The Transformative Power of Shared Information (afternoon)

FIP Member Organisations will soon receive more information on how one of their representatives may attend the Roundtables events.

Wednesday 3 October

Ministers Summit on The Added Value of Responsible Medicines Use.

Coinciding with the FIP Centennial, the Dutch Ministry of Health has organised a Ministers Summit on The Added Value of Responsible Medicines Use. A closed event to only Health Ministers, the Summit will take input from the Roundtables to formulate applicable solutions to healthcare challenges that may be remedied by responsible medicines use. 

In parallel of the Summit, the FIP Council (e.g. the General Assembly gathering representatives of FIP member organisations) will take place from 09:00 until 17:00. 

Thursday 4 October

Stakeholder Roundtable on “The impact of Innovation on responsible use of medicines” (morning)

Signing of the Centennial Declaration by FIP member organisations prior to the Opening Ceremony (afternoon)

Registration for the main congress is now open! See the websitehere for more details.

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FIP Newsletter 5 March,2012