FIP Article on Adherence


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Herewith you receive a ready to publish article from FIP on Adherence and the importance of this theme during the FIP Centennial. It will be one of the themes of the High LevelStakeholder Roundtables that FIP is organizing prior to theMinisters Summit that is organized with the Dutch Ministry of Health. Please click here to see the article and here to view the FIP Statement on adherence

Ministers of Health will gather to discuss the theme “The benefits of Responsible use of medicines – Setting policies for better and cost effective healthcare”. The Ministers Summit will start with a Hearing, presenting the conclusions from the FIP Roundtables to the Ministers of Health.

More information on the Ministers Summit (3 October) and the Stakeholders Roundtables (2 October) can be found here.

For more information or questions please contact Myriah Lesko at[email protected]