Familiar with These Old Artefacts?

Familiar with These Old Artefacts?

Modern pharmacy in Singapore is only about 100 years old. But, when it comes to artefacts, there would be a lot to learn and unravel!

Recently, the late Mrs. Renee Parrish bequeathed PSS with 4 old pharmacy jars in her will. Our President collected them from the custody of HSBC Trustee (Singapore) Ltd which was tasked to administer and manage the estate of the late Mrs. Parrish.

Modern pharmacists seldom deal with compounding utensils nowadays, and thus we would like to solicit opinions or suggestions from our more experienced members to:

˙estimate the origin and age of the jars;

˙determine what is/are the most practical way(s) to increase the visibility or educational values of these artefacts?

Please click Source to find out the specimen photos of the jars and you are welcomed to contact our secretariat office to provide your input.