eHealth Demonstration Welcome

The eHealth Journey is an exhibition presented by the National E-Health Transition Authority which shows how eHealth will drive the future of health care for all Australians.

National President of the PSA, Grant Kardachi, welcomed the exhibition as a demonstration of how eHealth will affect health care from the pharmacy through to the doctor, pathologist, hospitals and all the other elements that make up the health system.

“The reality is that eHealth is one of the missing links in enabling genuine collaborative primary health-care teams to work effectively together to improve the wellbeing of all Australians,” Mr Kardachi said.

“It will give pharmacists access to essential patient health information to allow better outcomes to be delivered by the pharmacy profession.”
“PSA strongly supports the development and implementation of national eHealth initiatives and provides constructive input to NEHTA via its representatives on key committees and through submissions and consultations,” Mr Kardachi said.

“PSA is presently working with NEHTA and its Change and Adoption partner McKinsey & Co, providing the perspectives of pharmacists to assist in the implementation of a key eHealth initiative, the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record.”

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