Doctors Differ on Medical Points System


PETALING JAYA: Medical practitioners do not all agree with the Health Ministry’s proposed Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points system.

Some said the system, which stipulates doctors must collect a certain number of points every year before being allowed to renew their annual practicing licenses under the Medical Act 1971, would make it difficult for them to balance their professional and personal lives.

Dr Wani Basri, 30, who works at a gevernment hospital, said many would not be able to renew their licenses if the ministry made it compulsory.

“The workload of a doctor in this country is already so heavy that if they had to attend courses and conferences, it would leave them no personal time. Another doctor from a government hospital in Selangor, Dr Malwinder Singh, 55, felt there was no relevance to the points system.

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Doctors Differ on Medical Points System