Difflam Joins Gold Cross Branding Campaign

Difflam Joins Gold Cross Branding Campaign


The highly-valued Gold Cross brand is to receive another boost through the support of iNova Pharmaceuticals and Difflam.


From mid-June, a new TV commercial for Difflam will boost the Pharmacy Guild’s Gold Cross and Ask Your Pharmacist brands. The advertisement will be on television in all capital cities as well as selected provincial areas, and will build on the strength of the previous Gold Cross brand campaigns.


Difflam is a pharmacy-only brand and a market leader in the throat category with 39.7 per cent market share. Pharmacies can choose from a range of products from lozenges, throat sprays, solutions and mouth gel.


The focus of the advertisement will be a call to action, encouraging consumers to “Ask Your Pharmacist” for trusted advice. The advertisement promotes the excellent advice given by pharmacists and staff in providing the best product in the throat category.


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