Delivering and Growing Pharmacy Professional Services

19 April 2012

 With ongoing pressure from government to contain health costs especially the PBS, pharmacy faces significant business and professional challenges to remain a strong and viable component of the Australian health sector into the future.  By connecting pharmacy practice to patient outcomes, the profession can not only survive but thrive. 

The PSA’s Clinical and Practice Expo (CPExpo) will be at the forefront in preparing and supporting the profession deliver and grow professional services that will produce new and/or expanded income streams, business differentiation as well as provide individual pharmacists even greater levels of professional satisfaction. 

More than just education, CPExpo will provide the profession with the knowledge, skills, understanding and resources needed to negotiate the difficult economic and financial circumstances confronting pharmacy today.  CPExpo will enhance the educational and practice experience through incorporating an integrated learning space as part of the event.

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Delivering and Growing Pharmacy Professional Services