Death of Judy Liauw

Death of Judy Liauw

The passing today of Judith Liauw, PSA member and President of the Tasmanian Branch of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, is a loss that will be felt by the profession throughout Australia, the President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, Warwick Plunkett, said this afternoon.

Ms Liauw was a community pharmacist who had been director and manager of Westside Pharmacy, Ulverstone, Tasmania since 1985. She was President of the Tasmanian Branch, as well as a National Councillor, of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and held other positions including the Chair of the Guild’s Women and Young Pharmacists Committee.

She was also a Member of the Pharmacy Board Tasmania and the Chair of the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy from July 2008. Her contribution to the AACP was a very important part of helping to progress the profession and her efforts are greatly appreciated.

Ms Liauw also held the position of Chair of the Pharmacy Board of Tasmania Competency Committee, and was the only pharmacist on the 13-person External Resource Group for the Department of Health and Ageing’s National Primary Health Care Strategy.

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