CPA Conference 2007 – LOGO COMPETITION

Pharmacists and pharmacy students are encouraged to participate in a simple LOGO design competition for use in the CPA Conference 2007 to be held in KL from 2nd – 6th August, 2007.

The MPS Council shall be the Panel of Judges, and its decision will be final.

A cash of RM300.00 will be awarded to the winning design.

The design can be a graphic done electronically and emailed to MPS or on a hard copy sent to MPS by 30th June.

There’s no limit to the number of entries per participant.

The design should take into consideration the following guidelines:

1. It must have reflection of something Malaysian

2. It must be of modern design reflecting progressive future for pharmacy

3. It should have the initial CPA Conference Malaysia 2007, in clear lettering but not too tiny to appear in smaller print

4. With no more than three but can be in different shades of colours

5. The attached CPA Logo is for reference

6. Ultimately, the LOGO will help to bring memories of the event in KL.