Counterfeiting Drugs Policies in Taiwan

Title: Counterfeiting Drugs Policies in Taiwan
Date: 2011/07/09

Collaborations of Taiwan and The Internationals for defeating Counterfeit Drugs

 Shu-Ping Li, the CEO of Taiwan Pharmacist Association, announced four policies of Counterfeit Drugs defeat of Taiwan Pharmacist Association.

          The World Health Professions Alliance (WHPA) Regional Workshop on Counterfeit Medical Products was hosted in Taipei, Taiwan from 30th June through 1st July. By pledged WHPA Taipei Call to Action to show out willpower and insistence for illegal issues. Li, pointed out four policies to express Taiwan is going to connect to the Internationals for experience learning, policies and methods. None Counterfeit drugs in Taiwan is the goal that should be accomplished.

           First, selling counterfeit drugs and through unknown resources that Taiwan Pharmacist Association strongly promote to pharmacists are extremely forbidden.

           Second, Taiwan Pharmacist Association will combine sustainable education and posting counterfeit drugs information updates on its Web site to arouse people’s awareness of drug use.

          Third, Taiwan Pharmacist Association has already established the committee. Once the government found any counterfeit drug selling based on evidence. The pharmacist license will be revoked and sentences are also required.

          Therefore, all the attendances aware how terrible may cause from counterfeit drugs and its risks for drug resistances such as HIV, malaria and tuberculosis will be increased.

          Last, Collaboration with the Internationals for experience learning of counterfeit drugs defeat. Besides, by learning from the Internationals cases, Taiwan can make more progress and be more experienced to cut off any possible resources to harm any of citizens. Ming-Hsu, the Deputy Director-general from Department of Health-Taiwan Food and Drug Administrator, said comparing to other Asia countries, the situation of counterfeit drugs use in Taiwan is common seen as supplement with medicine adding. In east southern, fake drugs are the most cases to be seen; however, in Taiwan, through exaggerated radio commercials for convincing people for their incredible medicine treatment. Hsu emphasizes through educating the community pharmacists and people do NOT trust any commercials without any proof from the government and instructions. Counterfeit drugs may cause life threat.


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