Community Pharmacies Put Patients First

19 March 2012

Community pharmacies and the broader pharmaceutical industry are working together to ensure continuity of supply of important Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) medicines at the time of significant price changes on 1 April. The Pharmacy Guild is pleased to report that many manufacturers and wholesalers have contributed to ensure uninterrupted supply of PBS medicines.

The Guild and community pharmacies place the utmost priority on serving patients’ medication needs. They fully recognise and comply with their ethical, professional and legal responsibilities to maintain appropriate PBS medicine stocks.

The significant price reductions for many PBS medicines to take place on 1 April – the largest set of  reductions in the history of the PBS – create stock management challenges for all pharmacies, wholesalers, and manufacturers. 
Fortunately, many pharmaceutical companies – including some branded medicine manufacturers and  virtually every generic medicine company – have risen to the challenge and reduced their prices in the  supply chain well ahead of 1 April, to avoid any supply disruption.  This will ensure that at least a generic 
version of the around 70 molecules affected by the price drops will have uninterrupted supply.
The Guild recognises and appreciates the contribution of all pharmaceutical companies who have acted in this responsible way to ensure patients are not disadvantaged.

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Community Pharmacies Put Patients First