Clinical Intervention Workshops for Pharmacists

Clinical Intervention Workshops for ..

Clinical Intervention Workshops for Pharmacists

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, in conjunction with the University of Tasmania, is launching a series of workshops for pharmacists wanting to deliver clinical intervention services to be funded under the Fifth Community Pharmacy Agreement.

Under 5CPA, the Government will be funding pharmacists through the Pharmacy Practice Incentive (PPI) Program to deliver quality professional services to consumers to improve their health outcomes.

The Unit for Medication Outcomes Research and Education (UMORE) at the University

of Tasmania conducted research, funded under the Third and Fourth Community Pharmacy Agreements, which has resulted in clinical interventions becoming a funded service under 5CPA PPI Program.

To assist pharmacists to proactively provide the best possible clinical intervention services under this program, PSA will deliver a series of one-day small group workshops around the country.

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