Children’s Panadol Suspension

Dec , 02 2013 
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Dear Pharmacist 
Monday 2 December 2013


Children’s Panadol 1-5 years Suspension

TGA Recall Number: RC-2013-RN-01282-1


ARTG No Product Batch Number
AUST R 178300 Children’s Panadol
1-5 years Suspension (Strawberry / 200ml)
AUST R 178301

Children’s Panadol
1-5 years Suspension (Orange / 100ml)

GSK is working with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) to recall two batches of
Children’s Panadol 1-5 years Suspension for quality reasons.

These two batches were dispatched from GSK between September and November 2013
and are being recalled as a precautionary measure.

Based on our testing regime the product was in specification at the time of the release.
During our routine longer term testing, it was identified that a small proportion of bottles of
some batches could have out of specification results, showing a higher amount of
paracetamol than the permitted specification.

To confirm the relevant batch number, please refer to the base of the carton; look for the Ⓑ
symbol after which the batch number appears.

Please immediately remove and quarantine the two affected batches from your pharmacy
shelves and return these products to your wholesaler for a credit to be issued. This credit
process needs to be completed by Friday 6 December 2013.

No other Children’s Panadol or Panadol products are affected and this is not related to the
recent Children’s Panadol Baby Drops syringe recall.

If you have any questions in relation to this trade recall please contact GSK on 1800 650

GSK apologises for the inconvenience this recall may have caused and as you can
appreciate the quality and integrity of our products is of the upmost importance to GSK.

Thank you in advance for your support in this matter.

Yours faithfully,

Nick Swift
Sales Director