Changes to Residential Medication Management Review Services

Title: Changes to Residential Medication …
Date: 2011/06/24

Changes to Residential Medication Management Review



From 1 October 2011 a number of changes will be implemented to the Residential Medication Management Review (RMMR) Program. These changes will affect a number of community pharmacies, pharmacists and Aged Care Facilities (ACF).


Most significantly, from 1 October, RMMR and Quality Use of Medicines (QUM) services will be separated and payment will be made separately for both types of services, and both services can be provided by different pharmacists or businesses.


Another key change is that all RMMRs must be collaborative, meaning they are requested by the resident’s general practitioner, and both the GP and the accredited pharmacist participate.

If you are currently a RMMR service provider, from 30 June 2011, the existing quarterly reporting on QUM services will cease. You will also have to reapply for approval under the new program arrangements.


To continue providing RMMR services to an ACF, you must enter into a new RMMR service agreement and complete a new MMR application form, and submit them to Medicare Australia by 31 July 2011.


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