Certification Scheme of Tobacco Control Educator Pharmacists Will Be Released

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Certification Scheme of Tobacco Control Educator Pharmacists Will Be Released

Translator: Katrina Chou(Hsin-Chun)

“The second generation of smoking cessation” will begin in March and extend to smoking cessation contract pharmacy in July

In Taiwan, smoking population is about 3.5 million, but annual utilization ratio of smoking cessation treatment is only 1.4%, much lower than 6% of the UK. To encourage smokers to quit and reduce smoking rates, Department of Health will pilot the second generation of smoking cessation treatment program in March. In additoin to fully subsidization of drugs for smoking cessation, pharmacies contract with this program also provide smokers free consaltations for 16 times every year from July.


In the preliminary meeting of tobacco control educator pharmacist training on March 1, President Li Shu-Ping of Taiwan Pharmacists Association emphasized tobacco control educator pharmacist is a new attempt to develop our professional. Full determination is especially important! In order to push community pharmacists to the first line of smoking cessation and meet the need of 48 hours continuing education of the second generation of smoking cessation program, senior tobacco control educators will be set up this year. Taiwan Pharmacists Association will integrate tobacco control educators training of previous years.


Besides the expecting target, curriculum of seed teachers for smoking cessation is increased this year. The community pharmacists who have implemented smoking cessation service will be lecturers of professional curriculum in the future. Established electronic case management system to smoking cessation will be promote also.


The requirement to contrac with Bureau of Health Promotion is the completion of 48 hours courses composed of the beginner course (7 credits), advanced courses (7 credits) and senior courses (34 credits). To implement the promotion of tobacco control educator, Taiwan Pharmacists Association will link the courses of each branch association and Department of Health of city governments. The project this year will be divided into north, middle, south and east districts. President Li Shu-Ping expected the advantage of convenience will inspire all pharmacists to participate training. Let the line of defense to smoking cessation be pushed ahead. From hospital to community, by the convenience of the community pharmacy, benefit more smokers!