Insurance covers asthma treatment with device

  By Kiyohiko Yoneyama / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff WriterAsthma causes coughing and difficulty breathing. The predominant method of treating asthma is having patients use inhalers that expand the bronchial tubes, but this year in April, a…

New drug targeting prions in mice shows promise over mad cow disease

WASHINGTON – A new drug compound could lead to a breakthrough in the fight against bovine spongiform encephalopathy, the incurable brain-wasting disease also known as mad cow disease, researchers said Wednesday. Scientists said the new…

Anticoagulant Also Inhibits Diarrhea Bug Read more from Asian Scientist Magazine

Anticoagulant Also Inhibits Diarrhea Bug    The discovery that heparin dose-dependently inhibits Cryptosporidium infection could lead to the development of new anti-cryptosporidial agents. Asian Scientist Newsroom | July 8, 2015 |…

Country Report 2011 - JAPAN

Country Report – JAPAN -By Japan Pharmaceutical Association   Date of reporting: 27/09/2011 Period of report: February 2011- August 2011 Prepared by: Japan Pharmaceutical Association   Section 1: Current Issues (e.g. health care…

Anti-smoking pronouncement

Anti-smoking pronouncement. Picture:      Source:

Tobacco and Health for Children

Tobacco and Health For Children Attachment: JPA Anti-smoking for Children.pdfTABACCO AND HEALTH - FOR STUDENTS (Chenese vision).pdfTABACCO AND HEALTH - FOR STUDENTS (Japanese vision).pdf

Tobacco and Health for Public

Tobacco and Health For Public Attachment: JPA Anti-smoking for adults.pdfTABACCO AND HEALTH - FOR THE PUBLIC (Chinese vision).pdfTABACCO AND HEALTH - FOR THE PUBLIC (Japanese vision).pdf

Patient Information

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Pharmaceutical Association Congress

2004 Oct 10 -11 The 37th Pharmaceutical Association Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science, Aomori, Japan Source:


Pharmacist training in Japan is currently 4 years, shorter than most other countries. There has been growing concern that the length of training is not sufficient to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to immediately start working after…