The FIP Challenge on TB - ROUND 1

NEWS! Will another one million die of tuberculosis next year? FIP’s Mike Spijker spoke to TB workers @FIPcongress in Thailand and found out about the Stop TB Partnership, which is hosted by the World Health Organization. The partnership has…

2009 Global Pharmacy Workforce Report

2009 Global Pharmacy Workforce Report

Global Network of Pharmacists Against Tobacco

The Global Network of Pharmacists Against Tobacco, established by FIP is a global forum for pharmacists, pharmaceutical students and their professional organizations as well as other individuals or organizations interested in tobacco cessation…


FIP has set HIV/AIDS as a priority since 1995 through the implementation of an international working group to collect, review and disseminate information to members, prepare statements, organize events during the annual congress and prepare…

Malaria Education Campaign

This is a collaborative project involving CPA, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP). It is a consumer health education campaign aimed at promoting awareness of prevention methods and early…

FIP Annual report 2011-2012

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Press invitation FIP Centennial Congress

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FIP - 2012 Vol. 1 Edition of the IPJ

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FIP Article on Adherence 2012 Vol. 1 Edition of the IPJ is now online

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FIP-Pictograms Drawing Solutions

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