Campaign highlights services provided by pharmacists

28 Oct, 2014


The launch of a public advertising campaign highlighting the range of professional services being delivered by Australia’s pharmacists has been welcomed by the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia.

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia campaign, “Discover more. Ask your pharmacist” encourages Australians to learn more about the services provided by pharmacists.

National President of the PSA, Grant Kardachi, said the campaign higlighted the need for a greater emphasis to be placed on professional services in the next Community Pharmacy Agreement.

“As detailed in the PSA 6CPA discussion paper released a few weeks ago, pharmacist professional programs funding, as a proportion of total CPA funds has actually declined from 4.9% (4CPA), to 4.1% in the current CPA,” Mr Kardachi said.

“If we are to see more of the services detailed in the advertising campaign, then this amount will need to significantly increase.

“Some of the services focused on in the advertising campaign are among the areas which PSA has long advocated, and are critical to improving patient health outcomes.

”I’m pleased to see the campaign picks up on PSA’s previous Federal Budget submission on the need for transitional care from hospital to after-hospital care to provide better care for patients during this critical time.

Mr Kardachi said that not every pharmacy currently delivered all the services detailed in the advertising campaign, and that an urgent focus was needed to help pharmacies transition to a health-focused and more financially stable model of pharmacist care.

“PSA has developed a solution to help pharmacies move toward this “health hub” model through the Health Destination Pharmacy program pilot.

“The Health Destination Pharmacy pilot showed significant professional and business improvements for the pharmacies involved, and most importantly, improved patient satisfaction and health outcomes.”

The next stage of Health Destination Pharmacy program, incorporating results and lessons from the pilot, would be launched in the near future.

“This program will offer great advantages for the pharmacist and consumer and I look forward to the next Community Pharmacy Agreement providing adequate and sustainable funding for professional service provision which is the basis of the program.”

Media contact:     Peter Waterman Public Affairs Director 0419 260 827