Australian Pharmacist Examines Immunisation Debate

9 April 2012

In-pharmacy immunisation programs have long been on the wish list of those seeking to broaden community pharmacy’s role in health care and in this month’s Australian Pharmacist the issued is examined in detail. 

Immunisation programs through pharmacy are a reality overseas, with New Zealand being a prime example,  but Australian pharmacists are not yet giving flu shots, although this has not stopped some Australian community pharmacy groups from developing and running their own programs using nurse immunisers. 

 “Various state legislative impediments to pharmacists giving vaccinations need to be overcome. In its 2009 Position Statement on Immunisation in Pharmacies, PSA pointed out that ‘wider implementation of pharmacy-based immunisation models will also require amendments to issues such as drugs and poisons legislation, pharmacy practice acts, and registration of pharmacists,” Australian Pharmacist reports. 

“The position statement commits PSA to supporting ‘pharmacists in all of their potential roles in this integral preventive care activity.’


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Australian Pharmacist Examines Immunisation Debate