AUS Fifth Community Pharmacy Agreement

Country: Australia
Title: AUS Fifth Community Pharmacy Agreement
Date: 2010/05/09
(1) New Agreement: Quality Care for Consumers, Certainty for Community Pharmacy, Expanded Role for Pharmacists

(News released by PGA)

The Fifth Community Pharmacy Agreement will underpin the viability of community pharmacy for the next five years, and deliver savings to the Government and to taxpayers. In addition it will see pharmacists expanding their scope of practice as health professionals.

The Agreement between the Federal Government and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia was signed today and will take effect from 1 July this year. The Agreement ensures that the unique model of community pharmacy will continue to deliver equitable access to medicines and patient-focused professional services across Australia.

…Over five years, the cut to predicted spending attributable to community pharmacy will total over $1 billion. Even so, the Agreement will commit the Federal Government to spending more than $15 billion over the period. Key elements include:

˙The current dispensing fee has been preserved. However, there will be a freeze on the fee for the first two years of the agreement (i.e. no indexation increases).

˙The 40 cents per prescription PBS Online incentive payment will cease from July 2010.

˙The Government has agreed to retain community pharmacy location rules which ensure fair and equitable access by consumers to pharmacy products and services across Australia.

˙The Agreement also retains and indexes the $1.53 premium free dispensing incentive payment.

˙The wholesaler Community Service Obligation payment has been retained in full, with an indexation pause until 2011.

(2) Staged Supply to Aid Primary Care

(News released by PGA)

The Fifth Community Pharmacy Agreement will introduce significant advances in the provision of primary health care in Australia. Among these advances will be the staged supply of medicines for high care patients.

(3) Strengthening the Bridge between Primary Care and Aged Care

(News released by PGA)

The Fifth Community Pharmacy Agreement will reinforce the role of community pharmacists in ensuring that older Australians receive the best possible care and management of their medications.

(4) PSA Welcomes 5CPA Announcement

(News released by PSA)

The announcement of an increased emphasis on professional programs and services in the Fifth Community Pharmacy Agreement has been welcomed by the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia.

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