Allan russell OBE

29 October 2012

Media release

Alan Russell OBE

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia salutes the life of the esteemed pharmacist and industry figure
Alan Russell OBE, who died in Adelaide on Friday.

Among his many achievements, Alan Russell was the National President of the Guild from 1971
till 1982. It was while he was National President that the Guild’s national headquarters moved
from Melbourne to Canberra, and the first Executive Director was appointed.

Alan was a prominent personality not only in Australian pharmacy, but worldwide through his
positions on the Federation Internationale Pharmaceutique, FIP.

Alan was renowned for his commercial and business acumen, and played a very significant role in
establishing Guild Insurance. It was very much due to his single-minded drive and energy that the
company was established in 1962, with Alan elected as the foundation chairman of the company in

Alan Russell’s vast contribution to the industry has been marked since last year by the Alan Russell
Oration, which stands as a tribute to his lifetime passion for pharmacy, and in gratitude for his
outstanding contribution to the profession.

The oration is supported by Pharmaceutical Defence Limited (PDL), the Pharmaceutical Society
of Australia (PSA) and the Guild, as Alan held significant positions in all three organisations over
the years.

National President Kos Sclavos said: “All at The Pharmacy Guild of Australia extend condolences
to Alan Russell’s family, and express deep admiration for the life of service to community
pharmacy that he lived.”

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