A New Event in 2012 to Accelerate Pharmacy Business

Jan.12, 2012

The new Pharmacy Business Network event is one of the Guild’s most exciting initiatives for 2012.

The Pharmacy Business Network will be held in Canberra at the National Convention Centre from 13 – 16 September 2012. It replaces the Women and Young Pharmacists’ Congress. In doing so, the new event will continue the legacy of the late Tasmanian pharmacy leader Judy Liauw by playing a key part in the development of the pharmacy owners and leaders of the future.

“This will be the most informative, hands-on, practical, business focused event on the community pharmacy calendar. We’ve had a lot of feedback that suggests people in community pharmacy want to attend events that are practical and have real application in their work. They want to come and learn the how, not just the why,” the National President of the Pharmacy Guild, Kos Sclavos, said.

“It’s getting harder for pharmacy managers to predict, adapt and capitalise. The Pharmacy Business Network will show pharmacies how to remain successful, viable businesses in these challenging times. We want to help pharmacies make better business decisions and our focus is to provide tools and ideas that improve planning and management,” Mr Sclavos said.

Attendees can look forward to practical hands-on workshops, offsite educational excursions and hearing from local Canberra Nobel Prize winner Professor Brian Schmidt as well as other high profile speakers.

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A New Event in 2012 to Accelerate Pharmacy Business