40% of KPA Are ‘Community Pharmacists’

Title: 40% of KPA Are ‘Community Pharmacists’
Date: 2011/03/24

40% of Korean Pharmacists Are ‘Community Pharmacists’ 

On January 20, 2011, ‘Korea Institute for Health and Social affairs’ announced current state of Korean public health care system.

According to this result, 33211 pharmacists and 20883 pharmacies were registered inKorea, in June 2010.

In Korea, one pharmacist can run only one pharmacy. So, at least over 12000 of pharmacists are hired in other pharmacist’s pharmacy. This is 37.1% of total number of pharmacists.

And the number of pharmacies is 20883. The number of pharmacies per 100 thousand people is 42.7. According to statistics, pharmacies are the second-largest medical facilities after hospital (60.7).

The number of pharmacists per 100 thousand people in Seoul is 88.3.

Seoul ranked 1st, followed by Daegu(75.6), Jeonbuk(73.9) and Daejeon(73.3). And Gyeongnam(53.5) was the last one.

Looking at the number of pharmacists who are working in hospital and community pharmacy per 1000 people, Korea recorded 0.65 in July, 2010. Compared to the statistics of 2008 OECD, Korea was under average (0.75). Japan (1.46) recorded the highest number. And Netherlands (0.18) recorded the lowest number.

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