2012 25th Feb. Update Quick Take!

Main News:

  1. 2012 FIP Registration is NOW OPEN
  2. NPS-Dangerous Drugs Online: Counterfeits and Undeclared Ingredients
  3. NPS-Asia-Pacific Scholarship Offered for NMS 2012
  4. WHO Drug safety alert No125 Feb,2012

News Update:

  1. Asia Pacific Conference on National Medicine Polices  
  2. Continued Dispensing to Benefit Patients 
  3. PBS Spending Growth is Well Below Government’s Own Target
  4. PGA Newsletter – Vol.2 No.5 15th Feb.,2012 
  5. PGA Newsletter – Vol.2 No.6 22nd Feb.,2012
  6. Real Impact of Pharmacies on Ageing Population 
  7. Improving Dermatology Skills 
  8. Bitter Pill for Pharmacy Grads 
  9. Their Dream of Becoming a Pharmacist Remains Distant  
  10. Don’t Manipulate Information on 1Care Plan, Says Minister 
  11. Strict Licensing For Imported Drugs 
  12. There’s a Lack of Training Positions 
  13. Still Divided Over 1Care Plan 
  14. New Graduates of CPTC 
  15. Ractopamine in Beef Poses Health Risk: Toxicologist  
  16. Children of Drug Addicts Abused 

Pharmacy Education- E- Learning:

  1. NPS News 77: Antibiotic Resistance -A Problem for Everyone
  2. Newsletter Volume IV Issue 1 January 2012

International New:

  1. WHO-Improve Africa’s Health 
  2. WHO-Guidance on Hormonal Contraceptive Use and HIV


  1. Age Well Campaign

Public Health(H1N1):

  1. WHO-Influenza Experts Agree H5N1 Research Critical


  1. The Interagency Emergency Health Kit 2011

Upcoming Event:

  1. Entrepreneuship in Community Pharmacy Seminar