Pharmaceutical Society of Australia


4 January 2010


A clear responsibility for pharmacists during their career is the need to continually

maintain and grow their professional practice and the Pharmaceutical Society of

Australia’s extensive Professional Development and Practice Support programs are

specifically designed to facilitate this.

To further help members of the PSA access the programs and plan their professional

and business development activities for the year, the 2010 Guide to PSA programs has

been released which details the wide range of activities and offerings under the PSA


President of the PSA Warwick Plunkett said the responsibility for pharmacists to grow

their careers was at the heart of the development of the PSA’s offerings which enable

pharmacists to develop and improve their knowledge and skills base through activities

tailored to their particular practice and professional needs.

“PSA has supported the development of pharmacists as health professionals for many

years but 2010 sees these CPD and Practice Support programs re-launched with a

national focus to meet the needs of today’s pharmacists,” he said.

Mr Plunkett said the publication brings together for the first time the entire scope of

PSA’s professional development and practice support offerings in the one guide, giving

members an easy-to-access reference of what is available, where it is available and

when it is available.

“The pharmacy profession is constantly developing and changing to meet the needs of

the environment in which it operates,” Mr Plunkett said.

“The PSA’s Professional Development and Practice Support programs have been

developed to ensure Members have a professional and practice edge and are best able

to meet the demands they face in their careers, regardless of which sector of the

pharmacy profession they operate in.”

The new guide is available online under the “What’s New” section at www.psa.org.au

Members will receive a hard copy with their January edition of the PSA journal,

Australian Pharmacist.

“I urge all pharmacists to go through the guide and plan their activities for the year to

ensure they are well placed for the future,” Mr Plunkett said.

“Having the comprehensive listing of all that is on offer in the one guide makes it easy

and accessible for all pharmacists.”


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