2nd Update! (10/25/2011)

Topic:Updates! (25th Oct)

WPPF Website Updates at A Glance!


Hottest News

1.Global Conference To Tackle Social Conditions That  Drive Health Inequities


New updates in “Country Activities”:



1.PGA Newsletter Vol.1 No.22,12 October 2011

3.Advanced Pharmacy Practice Framework Steering Committee Progress Report

4.PSA Helping Pharmacists Provide Best Mental Health Services

5.Pharmacists Active in Supporting Consumer Care

6.Pharmacist Coalition Calls For Greater Recognition of Pharmacist Roles

7.Summer in the Snowys-High Education in The High Country



1.TPIP Required That Bureau of National Health Insurance Should Provide The Public Version of XML Form

2.Appeal to the Cosmeceutical Entrepreneur for Self-Discipline to Follow the Legislation of Pharmacist


New updates in “International”:

1.WHO-Warns of Consequences of Underfunding TB

2.WHO-The World Health Report

3.WHO-The International Pharmacopoeia (Ph.Int.)

 updates in “Publication

1.2010-2011 FIP Annual Report

2.Good Pharmacy Practice- Joint FIP/WHO Guidelines on  GPP

 update in “Pharmacy Education


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