FDA officials say they’re ‘serious’ about pharma’s free speech

23 May, 2014

reference: http://www.pharm.org.tw/pstplatform/en/?p=5331

Spouce: Fiercepharma

FDA officials are having a rethink on free speech–and that could end with an about-face on off-label marketing.

What with key court decisions apparently backing First Amendment protections for drug promotions, the FDA has moved off-label communications to the top of its to-do list, officials said at a recent FDA law conference. And off-label marketing is a hot-button issue, what with the series of multibillion-dollar settlements with the U.S. Justice Department…

Read more: FDA officials say they’re ‘serious’ about pharma’s free speech – FiercePharma http://www.fiercepharma.com/story/fda-officials-say-theyre-serious-about-pharmas-free-speech/2014-05-21#ixzz32VMXSoTv

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