2017 Executive Committee meeting

The Western Pacific Pharmaceutical Forum [WPPF] hosted a  Executive Committee meeting in Manila, Philippines on 25th & 26th March, 2017. The primary objective of the meeting was to elect the next president and scholarship winner, to promote the project of “Improving the Capability of the Pharmacy Workforce to Implement Good Pharmacy Practice in the Local Health Care Systems of the Western Pacific region,” to summit country reports and to discuss the WPPF website maintenance.

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2016 Regional Leaders Summit Report

2016 Summit full group: Photo shows all delegates at the WPPF Regional Leaders Summit held in Manila in 2016.


The Western Pacific Pharmaceutical Forum [WPPF] hosted a Regional Pharmacy Leaders Summit in Manila, Philippines on 26th & 27th September 2016. Held to coincide with World Pharmacists Day and commemorate the 15th Anniversary of the foundation of WPPF, the primary objective of the Summit was to identify significant Pharmacy Practice related issues of the countries in the Region and to develop a strategy and work-plan that addresses the common priority issue.

Using a multilateral, collaborative approach, secondary objectives were to strengthen the cooperation between the national pharmacy associations of the Region, to strengthen the governance of pharmacy organisations and to establish a methodology that could be applied to other multilateral issues and by other FIP Regional Pharmacy Forumsi.

The Summit was supported by funding and in-kind support by the International Pharmaceutical Federation [FIP] Foundation, Pharmaceutical Defence Limited [PDL Australia], Unilab Philippines and the Philippine Pharmacists Association.



Brief Report: summit-report-brief
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Ego support for scholarship: Mr. Avnil Shiva Narayan from Fiji, winner of the 2015 Ego sponsored scholarship

Ego support for scholarship:

Mr Avnil Shiva Narayan from Fiji, winner of the 2015 Ego sponsored scholarship with WPPF President John Jackson.

WHO Senior Technical Officer Dr Klara Tisocki met with the 2016 WPPF Executive Committee

2016 WPPF Executive meeting in Singapore:

WHO Senior Technical Officer Dr Klara Tisocki (2nd from right) met with the WPPF Executive Committee at its annual meeting held in Singapore in 2016.



At the suggestion of the World Health Organization Western Pacific Regional office, the Western Pacific Pharmaceutical Forum of FIP has prepared a Statement of Principle relating to pharmacists in public health and the education of pharmacists in that regard.

Because a pharmacist is a frequent point of contact with the public on healthcare and medicine related matters the Forum believes, with WHO, that public health needs to be adequately addressed and provided for in the undergraduate pharmacy courses.

We are aware, of course, that the public health content in undergraduate courses of pharmacy varies form country to country and school to school.

The Statement of Principle adopted by the Western Pacific Pharmaceutical Forum of FIP and supported by FIP and WHO Western Pacific Regional office outlines the principles and contents that should be addressed. All associations in the Western Pacific region have been sent a copy of the statement and asked to forward it to the heads of Pharmacy Schools in their countries. Almost all of the associations have supported this initiative.



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