2015 Annual report: Empowerment through sharing

FIP’s annual report for 2015 is now available.

Members of FIP — national organisations, schools of pharmacy and individual professionals — are empowered through global thinking, global standards and global actions, says FIP President Carmen Peña.

Entitled “Empowerment through sharing” the annual report contains highlights from the year as well as an overview of the main issues FIP is currently working on.

“Our communities and governments are paying increasing attention to global and foreign decisions. This is why it is so vital for the pharmacy profession in different nations to be connected through the international network that is FIP,” Dr Peña adds.

Find out how FIP has built on its resources and how sharing knowledge has empowered our profession. To view the annual report, click here.

Ministers at WHA69 hear how pharmacists support victims of violence

Violence, particularly against women and children, must be eliminated with the help of all stakeholders, which includes pharmacists, the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) told the World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland, today (27 May).

FIP explained to ministers from around the world that community pharmacists, as conveniently accessible and easily approachable sources of advice, offer a place where victims of violence can be helped to take the first steps to reporting violence. We also highlighted the fact that since the majority of pharmacists are women, victims of violence — who are often women — are likely to find it easier to talk to these health care professionals. We gave examples of actions that pharmacists in Germany and Spain have been taking to raise awareness of this serious issue, and noted that in many countries pharmacists are required to report suspected cases of child abuse.

This issue was among 10 that FIP made statements on at the 69th World Health Assembly (WHA69) this week, including two on behalf of the World Health Professions Alliance (WHPA). The statements can be accessed below:

Recordings from the assembly are being livestreamed here:www.who.int/mediacentre/events/2016/wha69/webstreaming/en/